A Guide to Music Venues in Fort Collins: The Aggie Theatre

PHOTO BY BEN PEDDIE. People wait outside of the Aggie Theater just before a show.

By: Ben Peddie

The Aggie Theatre is one of Fort Collins most prominent musical theatres with a fascinating historical background. Located right on College Ave. in the heart of Old Town, it’s in a prime location if you’re a college student or a resident of the city. Believe it or not, it was initially built as a furniture store in 1906 and was then later transformed into a prototypical movie theatre. It wasn’t until 1995 that this venue was transformed into a music hall. Since then, the Aggie has been able to play host to significant musical artists such as Tech N9neFoo FightersSlightly Stoopid, and Parkway Drive. In recent years, it was taken over by new management – with goals of expansion on the horizon.

Venue Perks:

Second largest music venue in Fort Collins, holding roughly 650 people. You don’t realize how big it really is until you step inside. I was very impressed the first time I went here.

No barrier. If you’re a hardcore kid like me, you especially love when venues don’t have a barrier between the stage and the crowd. This makes for a much more intimate feeling between the artist and the audience member. It also makes stage diving much more feasible ?

Two levels in the viewing area. Whether you like getting in the thick of things and standing smack dab in the middle, or you like to comfortably stand off to the side during a show, The Aggie can accommodate your needs. There are balconies on each side of the viewing area for people who want to ensure they won’t be getting rubbed up against by sweaty concert-goers all night.

A bar as soon as you walk in through the doors. Don’t need much explanation for this one. Beer and music go hand in hand, grab yourself a PBR and go get a good spot in the crowd!

This place always has something going on. Your favorite band may not always be playing at this theatre, but they do an excellent job of booking shows. There are typically at least two different shows every week. If you’re just a fan of music in general, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find tickets to a show.

Tickets are cheap. You can expect to pay no more than $20-25 for your typical show. That is incredibly affordable to see your favorite band – even as a college student.

They are able to land notable talent. Like I briefly mentioned before, The Aggie doesn’t just hold concerts for underground musicians. They’ve been known to land some big names – names that have no issue selling out arenas. Other prominent artists that I didn’t mention before are Griz, The Wonder Years, Buckethead, and STS9.

Not always just music. The Aggie holds other events like standup comedy and viewing parties for certain special occasions like the Super Bowl. Expand your interests!


Trying to Kill Time?

-With its central location, it’s not hard to find something to pass the time if you arrive early, or you’re just spending a day in Old Town. There are plenty of great restaurants within walking distance, and if you’re not hungry, the sights of the city should be enough to get you by.

If you need a meal…

    Stuft- A Burger Bar is right next door if you want an outrageous burger that you’ve undoubtedly never tried before. Can you say, “A burger with a donut bun?”

Blue Agave Grill is just on the other side of College Ave, one of the city’s most renowned restaurants. (If you’re going here, it’s smart to make a reservation).

If you need entertainment…

    The Fort Collins Museum of Art can be found right next to Blue Agave, across the street from the theatre. There are some really cool Dali and Picasso paintings.

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