Driving the Local Food Revolution

Taken from the local Foodshift website.

IMAGE COURTESY http://www.localfoodshift.pub

Founders of Local Food Catalysts LLC, Michael and Lynette Marie, held a meeting last week for aspiring food producers in the Colorado area. Their enthusiasm and dedication towards local food producing is undeniable – having written books and built an entire company dedicated to the art. In the 90-minute meeting, they offered advice as to why the local food movement has hit a wall, and how businesses can work to break through that barrier. They also gave basic tips and tricks for beginners trying to start up their own food business. This was a completely free event, and something they do often.

One half of the duo, Michael Brownlee, is the author of two books about local food producing and the craft behind it. If you’re interested and want to learn more about his writing, you can find and purchase the books at https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com The other half of the duo, Lynette Marie Hanthorn, helped start their online publishing and events company, Local Food Catalysts LLC. Through this company, Michael and Lynette built the Local Food Academy, Local Food Shift Group, and Local Food Summit – all three of which are meant to help local food producers.

If you’d like to visit their online publication – Local Food Shift –  and learn more about them, you can do so at http://www.localfoodshift.pub. If you still haven’t gotten enough of these two, be on the lookout for an interview with Michael and Lynette to learn more about who they are and what they do.