Museum of Art Fort Collins Features Sue McNally and Chuck Kimmerle

Sue McNally, Ruby Beach, Washington, 2011, oil on canvas, 84 x 96 inches, Courtesy of the Artist

Sue McNally, Ruby Beach, Washington, 2011, oil on canvas, 84 x 96 inches, Courtesy of the Artist

Museum of Art Fort Collins, is located in historic Old Town and has existed since 1983. The museum showcases local, regional, and national 20th and 21st contemporary and modern art. Along with the art they display, they also provide programs for adults and a creative space for kids within the museum.

The two newest exhibits introduced to the museum will be featured until March 18th and feature the works of Sue McNally in the main gallery and Chuck Kimmerle in the Lynnette C. Jung-Springberg Gallery.

Sue McNally’s “This Land is My Land” series featured in the main gallery shows her interpretation of the West, including states like New Mexico, Colorado, and Washington. McNally’s paintings, unlike many other landscape artists uses bright neon colors to show her interpretation of the landscape.

Executive Director Lisa Hatchadoorian said of McNally’s work, “I chose her work for the museum as she, like many artists, is a problem-solver through visual objects and is using landscape painting to work through issues of contemporary painting. I like her contemporary take on landscape – acid colors, colors not normally found in nature, interesting viewpoints that come from photography and how she plays with size and scale.”

Chuck Kimmerle, who’s photography is featured in the Lynnette C. Jung-Springberg Gallery is much different than the landscape featured in McNally’s work. While also using landscape as the subject of his photographs, Kimmerle uses exclusively black and white and focuses on the meeting of nature and man.

Hatchadoorian said about Kimmerle, “I chose Chuck for the same reason, as he has a very unique viewpoint when it comes to landscape photography. He is interested in the intersection of man and nature and even though his work is spare, it is striking and beautiful in a very powerful way.”

McNally and Kimmerle’s art both bring a unique perspective of the landscape of the West to the museum and have gotten many positive reactions from museum patrons.

Visit both of these exhibits at the museum located in Old Town on Wednesday-Friday from 10am to 5pm and Saturday-Sunday from 12pm-5pm. Tickets are $5 for adults, $4 for students, $1 for youth 7-17 and children under six and members can enter for free.

Cloud Over Cut Wheat Field, digital photography, Courtesy of the Artist