Dating in Fort Collins

A long exposure of College Ave. in Old Town.
Photo by Eric Forbes. A long exposure in Old Town, Fort Collins on Feb, 4, 2018.

You are sitting on an uncomfortable wooden chair in a balmy and crowded room. Across from you sits your date. He or she looks around the coffee chain in boredom.

Your dates do not have to be like this. The key is to have your date be at a place that inspires memorable conversations. Having your date at a location that provokes its own dialogue is essential. A proper date location can help you get past all the meaningless small talk. With the small talk out-of-the-way, you can have a real discussion really start to get to know one another.

Creating dates and giving advice that helps spark unforgettable experiences for your dates is what this beat is all about.

Fort Collins has the potential for a countless amount of great dates. In the fall, I went on five dates in five days in Old Town. In the Scene’s recent article by Lily Morford Noco Top 5: Best places for a date in 2018, two out of the five locations were in Fort Collins, which is more than any other city. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, and if you need some inspiration there will be some here for you every week.