Rise As Legends Levitates Fort Collins Metal Scene


Fort Collins local band Rise as Legends debuted their new EP release, “End of Ages” at the Downtown Artery February 9th alongside other local metal bands A Flood Foretold, Unreasonable Human, and Goat Hill Massacre from Denver. The EP signifies a feeling of satisfaction for Rise as Legends as it is their first recorded consolidation of four songs, building upon the foundation of their previous work. Band member Adam Quijano describes the EP as a “look over our shoulder into the past and expanding on that,” as the band is now in the works of an album to be released next year.

Not all of the members of the band originated in Fort Collins, but through band members Connor McLaughlin (Drums/Vocals) and Chris Luera (Lead Vocals/Guitar) starting Rise as Legends in 2014, the other members Max Jonas Knaver (Bass) and Adam Quijano (Guitar) were shortly to join soon after through forming friendships made in town. Rise as legends plays melodic death metal, which adds a refreshing twist in the Northern Colorado metal scene throughout all of the different metal subgenres that it consists of. RL differentiates themselves from the other local bands because they are significantly younger and were initial outsiders in the community, as the rest of the bands started out within a prior web of connections through one another. Quijano describes their music as “a journey allowing the song to lead the listener. The songs travel and progress so it isn’t the same riffs over and over again.” The band gets some of their inspiration from popular artists such as Inferi, Beyond Creation, and Trivium, while carrying lyrics with meaningful messages such as overcoming internal and external struggles. They find themselves appealing to a wide fan-base because they sing as well as scream, while getting the crowd energized and excited through their fast-paced performances.

Quijano describes the Fort Collins metal scene as “black fertile soil” because it continues to develop in various metal subgenres, while the people involved are warm and inviting. RL is hoping that their show will bring a spotlight to the growing Northern Colorado metal community and will open up a new interest for those who are unfamiliar to the genre. Their next show is March 24th at 7th Circle Music Collective in Denver.


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Photo by: John Galliano