Pop Punk Band Waterparks Release “Entertainment”

Waterparks "Entertainment" was released in 2018 earning them a coveted spot in the pop punk scene.

Waterparks made their debut in 2012 with “Airplane Conversations” working their way into the ever growing pop punk scene. They returned in 2016 with “Double Dare”, their first full length album which landed them on the covers of AP Press and Rocksound.

In 2018, they released their highly anticipated sophomore album “Entertainment”, produced by Benji Madden and Courtney Ballard who work with All Time Low and 5 Seconds of Summer.

“Blonde” was the first single released in 2017 for “Entertainment” and features the tell tale pop punk lyrics with a more upbeat sound. Awsten Knight, the bands lead singer, rather than running with the usual brings a happier sound to the lyrics talking about missing home and his girlfriend since Waterparks has become more popular.

The second single released “Lucky People” is much softer than the other songs on the album and features Knight performing a love song for the woman in his life. “Lucky People” allows fans to really hear Knight’s voice; accompanied only by a guitar, it offers a nice break from the more intense songs in the rest of the album.

“Not Warriors” the third single released shows off a different side of Waterparks, a more pop centered beat backs up the lovesick lyrics. The song offers an easy chorus to follow and another side of Waterparks sound that showcases their versatility.

Overall, “Entertainment” is an incredibly versatile album, showcasing several different sides of Waterparks and what kind of sound they can produce. With their tour “Made in America” finishing its European dates in March, Waterparks has really made a name for themselves in the pop punk scene with this new release.