Happy Valentine’s Day Mom!

Valentine’s Day is the day for the most important woman in your life: your mother. Your mother that has given everything for you. Your mother that raised you to be a gentleman. Your mother that will always be there to comfort you and say that any girl would lucky to have your heart.

So, call your mother. Tell her you love her. Surprise her with flowers, take her out for dinner, and do not forget to put the camera on timer mode to snap as many pictures as it takes to capture the perfect moment for the scrapbook.

I took my mother out  to Cannino’s Italian Restaurant. The charming restaurant had an ideal atmosphere for Valentine’s Day. As we walked in, the smell gave the reassuring guarantee of a delicious meal. The lights were dim and warm, and at every table laid a crimson rose. The food was zesty and satisfying.

Pro Tip: Go to Cannino’s on a Tuesday. It is “Retro Night” – prices are from the 1980’s for six entrées. That means they are half off!

Momma Forbes’ take: “It was the best Valentines Day I ever had!” And, no I did not tell her to say that.

She will always be your Valentine, and you will always be hers, because as Momma Forbes has always said, “no matter how big you get, you’ll always be my baby forever and ever.”

Sherry and Eric Forbes pose for a typical family photo.
Photo by Eric Forbes using a timer and a tripod. Sherry and Eric Forbes pose for a future picture for the scrap-books on Feb. 13, 2018 in Fort Collins Colo.



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