Fort Collins Community Shows up in Force at City Planning Meeting

Fort Collins residents attend the City Plan meeting on February 12, 2018. Used with permission.

February 12, 2018, the city of Fort Collins began a new chapter by overhauling its old City Plan with a new resident-influenced proposal focusing on arts and diversity. The kickoff for the new Fort Collins City Plan, put together by the office of the City Planners and Foco Creates, was open to the public. Speakers like Mayor Wade Troxell and City Manager Darin Atteberry spoke to the involvement of Fort Collins residents, which nearly went without saying in the packed venue. Mayor Troxell called Fort Collins a community of ‘co-creators,’ which was something the city is looking to bring to the forefront of long-term city planning. Through the creation of this 20-30 year plan, residents of Fort Collins were consulted to collect data about what community of the city prioritizes. This, along with a plethora of interactive charts, infographics, and maps at the kickoff event, made the whole process feel like the City Planners genuinely cared about what people were saying.

Keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur Bryan Wilson engaged the audience on related matters of creativity, innovation, and the value of being close to home. Again, emphasizing the importance of a community saturated in creativity, he seemed to call the residents to become a safe place for invention.

If you want to voice an opinion about our new City Plan or read more about the changes being made to open spaces, housing, and other hot topics, visit the website at

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