Adam Baerd’s 100 Riffs, Places, and Days

Adam Baerd, the current guitarist in the band Alpine Falcons embarked on a musical journey starting in November, 2017.

While playing with his current band, Baerd started on a new project; one new riff, everyday, in a new place. He started in his house on November 2nd, 2017 against a wall in his house producing the first of 100 original riffs.

“I wanted to find a way to start getting that musical thing out and not worry so much if it was going to be perfect or right,” said Baerd, “I’ve been doing that for a long time and it produced very little material. I had to find a way to be consistent that would be interesting.”

Playing while rock climbing with friends, sitting on molecules near CSU’s Chemistry Research Building, and playing several stringed instruments across Thailand, Baerd’s 100 riffs were an incredibly unique project.

“I took a trip through Thailand at the beginning of this year and part of the stop was a place in Singapore,” said Baerd, “I didn’t bring an instrument with me which meant I had to keep meeting people… I walked into a Singaporean music store I looked up online and I walked in and introduced myself to the manager like, ‘Hi I don’t really know anything about these instruments can you show me what this is?’ and we spent like an hour talking, he would show me something and he would play it and then I would play it.”

As a classically trained musician, Baerd was able to not only experiment with different techniques but unique instruments as well. At a young age he was working with pianos and guitars and later in high school he joined a-capella groups and bands.

His love of music pushed him into playing in Alpine Falcons where he could use his classical training to produce acoustic music to share with his fans.

“The thing about making music with another person or set of people,” said Baerd, “When you play with someone else, it doesn’t really matter what there skill level is either, the moment you are playing together you are making something that is greater than either of you could make on your own.”

With Alpine Falcons, Baerd hopes to continue playing music he and his bandmates are proud of and experimenting with different sounds and ideas. On his own he hopes to have another project soon to keep him consistently playing the music he loves.

Check out Adam Baerd’s 100 Riffs, Places, and Days on his YouTube Channel.

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