Eden Releases Premiere Album “Vertigo”

Already a name in the music scene, Eden released his first full length album "Vertigo"

Eden aka Jonathan Ng has been known in the music scene since 2015 starting with a small following and releasing his early music online with “End Credits” . His first EP “i think you think too much of me” featuring songs like “sex” and “drugs” were highly praised and earned Eden an even bigger following within the alternative community.

With his following, Eden released “Vertigo” in January 19th of 2018, his first full length album. “gold” and “crash” were released earlier on with accompanying music videos, “gold” a softer song accompanied by a guitar showed the more upbeat side of Eden and featured lyrics about everything being okay and not the end of the world. “crash” showed a much softer more sad side, featuring lyrics about moving on from the loss of a loved one.

Upon the release of “Vertigo” another music video was released for “start//end” a song that had been previously leaked to fans before being taken down. Released again in September 2017 the lyrics mimicked words from Eden’s 21st birthday video titled “365x: 21”. This song served as to show fans what they would see in “Vertigo” and what they had to look forward to.

“Vertigo” while staying true to Eden’s early sound, showcases a much bigger sound and experiments with different instrument and vocal styles. The album is almost hypnotizing, moving between songs seamlessly and telling a story start to finish. For fans of Eden, “Vertigo” offers the familiar sound that they know and love and for new fans Eden offers a versatile style and enchanting sound that would draw anyone in. Overall, Eden has impressed fans and musicians alike with “Vertigo”.

Eden will start his North American leg of “vertigo world tour” on March 1st in Houston, Texas playing to sold out audiences in many of the venues.

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