A Guide to Front Range Music Venues – Hodi’s Half Note

As we continue to dive into the venues across the front range, we find ourselves back in Old Town at a quaint little spot that packs quite the punch – Hodi’s Half Note. If you’re a fan of tight knit, intimate concerts, Hodi’s is right up your alley. With no barrier separating the stage from the crowd, you’re able to get less than a foot away from your favorite performers. It’s conveniently located on College Avenue, no less than 5 minutes away from another music venue, The Aggie. So what can you expect from Hodi’s?

Venue Perks

Small, but comfortable. I compare this venue to the Marquis Theater in Denver, it’s small from the outside but opens up once you step inside. And unless you go to a completely sold out show, it shouldn’t feel too stuffy. There’s always room to stand off on the side if you don’t want to be in the heart of the action.

Prime location. As was the case for The Aggie, this venue is in an excellent location right in the heart of a college town. For a student living around CSU’s campus, it should take no more than 15-20 minutes to get to the venue.

Free Earplugs! When you walk in the door, they’ve got a bowl of earplugs for you to use at your pleasure. Respect to Hodi’s management for caring about our ear drums. (This was the case when I last went to Hodi’s. As far as I know, it remains the same).

You can find a bar inside. What would a music venue in Fort Collins be without the presence of beer? Hodi’s acts as a venue and a bar, so bring some extra cash for a couple brews.

Open Mic Nights. For local musicians/entertainers, Hodi’s hosts frequent open mic nights that allow you to get your foot in the door of performing. Whether you want to jam with other artists or finally give stand up comedy a try, there’s a place for you. These are typically held on Mondays.

Cheap Entertainment. Hodi’s is the perfect place for a night out with friends or your significant other, as you can always find tickets for cheap. Instead of spending $20 on 4 drinks at the bars, spend it on an entire night of entertainment at Hodi’s.

Versatility. Unlike other venues I’ve covered, Hodi’s is a club that suits several styles of music and entertainment. EDM, hip-hop, hardcore, indie, rock and roll, it doesn’t matter. I can see all of these genres flourishing in a setting like this. You wouldn’t find an underground metal band at a place like The Mishawaka, for example.

What can you do to kill time?

If you’re like me and always end up arriving places too early, have no fear. It’s not hard to find something to do in Old Town. If you drive North on College, you’ll find gift shops, breweries, dispensaries, museums, and just about everything else that suits your interests. And of course, there is more food than you could eat in an entire life time, so I’ll pick out a couple of my personal favorites.

-You’ve got Scrumpy’s just down the street. Some of the best hard cider you’ll find anywhere, let alone in Fort Collins. If you’re not a drinker, maybe one of their renowned sandwiches will appeal to you. I recommend the Wild Turkey sandwich.

-For an authentic Mexican meal, try out Pueblo Viejo on the corner of College and Laporte. Their chili relleno is killer. Though, I’m not sure if that’s something I’d recommend before a potentially sweaty, beer-filled night at a concert. You can be the judge of that!

For more information regarding scheduling, prices, and equipment, visit the Hodi’s website here.



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