A Man Who Stands By His Brownies

Fort Collins Maka Kala’i, Pot Retailer and Director of Sales and Marketing for Organic Alternatives Dispensary, recently appeared in the NPR broadcast, “How Much Pot is in That Brownie? Wyoming Moves to Toughen Edible Marijuana Laws.” Kala’i, a staunch advocate of the decriminalization of cannabis, thinks Wyoming legislators who are debating two bills on regulating edible cannabis should pause to consider the ramifications of tougher laws involving the approximate amount of THC that would constitute felony possession in edibles and drinks.

Kala’i shakes his head at Wyoming because he believes that “As a country we’ve had enough people go to jail for trying to partake in cannabis and it has ruined their lives. It’s the cycle of people going to jail for non-violent crimes and coming out as more hardened criminals.” Our jails are being overpopulated with people who are not a threat to our nations welfare and are punished by partaking in cannabis for medicinal use. Another reason Kalai believes decriminalization is important is because of the violence and toxic chemicals used in the black market involving cannabis. By its legalization, the threat of facing life-debilitating criminal charges, ongoing violence, and consuming harmful chemicals is eliminated. These reasons serve as fuel behind Kala’i’s mission of the pure approach Organic Alternatives takes to the cannabis industry, by modeling the positive impact that legalization has made in removal of these issues.

OA takes pride in their product because all of their cannabis is hand trimmed, tested for contaminants, and grown in soil containing organic nutrients. OA originally started by exclusively selling medicinal cannabis, which is what prompted the desire for quality product. The medicinal demand for cannabis is increasing, as OA now sells CBD in patches, edibles, flower, vapes, concentrates, pills, beverages, topicals, inhalers/nasal sprays, and bath soaks. Kala’i is seeing more doctor recommendations for cannabis then he has ever seen previously and is satisfied to be a trusted resource for patients. He is also happy that OA is an advocate in the cannabis industry that is breaking the cycle of the black market through “taking part of that business and bringing it to the light instead of the back alley-shadows as seen through the eyes of propaganda.” Kala’i is proud that Organic Alternatives serves as an emblem representing a natural product by setting an example of how cannabis promotes health and wellness in the Fort Collins community.

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