“Stimga Stains” Art Exhibit Extended at Lincoln Center

Colorful and approachable, the art of local artist Jennifer Ivanovic draws the eye initially. The compelling use of metaphor and symbolism to describe the stigmas surrounding mental health turn the heart and mind to follow. Each art piece in this must- see collection tells the story of a personal battle with mental illness. Honest and raw, Ivanovic’s paintings are a new addition to the conversation surrounding this facet of the human condition.

Ivanovic is no stranger to these conversations. She lost a friend to suicide in middle school, later went on to marry a psychiatrist, and feels more than comfortable hearing stories from her subjects. Her artistic style of creating ‘pour’ paintings lent itself well to the conversation surrounding mental health.

“Stigma is a stain. And the thing I know about stains is, as a mother, they’re completely removable. It’s something we put on and something we can take off.” She says.

It is with this openness to health and growth after mental illness or trauma that Ivanovic approaches all of her subjects, something visible to the viewer through her use of color, technique and storytelling. She intends to continue growing this traveling exhibit (she expects to complete a new addition in a few months) and have it placed in many more galleries. Unfortunately, she struggles to find places willing to approach the mental health conversation so head-on.

This show, in association with the PostSecret Show, has been extended through March 3. Ivanovic will be showing a different collection of her work at Naropa University through March, but there is no guaranteed date for this particular show to be seen again.

For more information about Jennifer’s work or her heart behind the Stigma Stains exhibit, visit her website at http://jenniferivanovic.com/

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