Miguel was a Jedi-Master at the Ogden Theatre

A Jedi-Master has emerged to bring new hope to Rhythm and Blues (R&B). He goes by the name of Miguel, and he is a Skywalker. Miguel meets all of the requirements of an R&B Jedi-Master with his works from his new album “War and Leisure.

Miguel performs Jedi mind-tricks with his seductive lyrics that make women lose their tops. Instead of a lightsaber, he wields a mic-stand at the mercy of screaming fans. Last but not least, Miguel is a huge activist. A portion of his merchandise sales from the night go towards the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (to see Miguel’s passion for helping immigrants watch the video below).

The Jedi-Master took to the Ogden Theatre’s stage Wednesday night and proceeded to skywalk the night away. Soulful vocals, ankle-breaking acrobatics, and genuine smiles spread the force of joy, love, and happiness throughout the vibing crowd.

The stature of the evening continued to build with every song. The atmosphere of the Ogden erupted after every “Splish Splash” shout started by Miguel and returned by the crowd. The concert never slowed down due to Miguel’s showmanship.

With Miguel’s rapid rate of throwing down dynamic moves throughout the night, he displayed great endurance, reflecting the countless hours dedicated to producing a thrilling show for his fans.

An exceptional use of the R&B Force is exactly what the attendees at the Ogden Theatre got on Wednesday night. Viewers of the Oscars will get a taste of Miguel’s talent during his performance Sunday night.

Let the Force be with you.

Or in Miguel’s terms, “Splish Splash!”

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