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Kaitlin Mueller and her pop-up yoga events in Northern Colorado have localized animal yoga, a new craze sweeping over the nation. Kaitlin who is recognized as the creator of OmKai Yoga, started animal yoga classes 4 years ago in places of community gathering such as Downtown Artery and City Park. Community has always been central in Kaitlin’s passions, as well as her connection with nature and animals. She decided to branch out and start kitten, puppy, and goat yoga classes once people started bringing their animals to her events. After this, she broadened her vision and integrated her yoga with charities.

She started working with Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Bounce Animal Rescue, in her monthly events of puppy and kitten yoga. Each class works with a new litter of kittens or puppies, and the purpose is to help get them socialized for adoption. She brought this same initiative into her goat yoga classes through a recent partnership with Janet Farkas, owner of Barnyard Buddies Farm in Loveland, to help find the baby goats a home. People who attend the classes are also encouraged to consider adopting the animals, amongst having a lighthearted yoga experience. Kaitlin’s biggest goal throughout her animal yoga is to get awareness out for rescue missions and to help the animals by granting them human interaction.

Kaitlin uses animal yoga to “make it more inviting for beginners and as a way to unwind from your day as a stress reliever.” She likes taking a more playful approach to yoga, instilling more of a child-like essence, while making it easily accessible to people of all ages and levels. She encourages those who are especially interested in the outdoor aspect of yoga to check out her goat classes at Barnyard Buddies. “The minute you step onto the farm you feel a sense of grounding,” she says. “Your shoulders relax and a smile forms. You get the whole farm experience.”

During class you will not only see the baby goats but her entire goat herd, Texas longhorn cattle, mini white dexter cows, chickens, turkeys, and horses. It’s not uncommon for these animals to come check out the class and be right at the fence. It’s truly an amazing way to connect with nature. The class is full of laughter and joy as participants interact with the baby goats and any anxiety or stress just melts away.

Have fun, de-stress, connect with your community, and help Omkai on its mission to help give animals a good home. All of Omkai’s upcoming events will be posted on their Facebook page and tickets go on sale a month before the event takes place, although be warned they usually sell out within minutes of being posted.



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