A Night With the Bros at Jim’s Wings

A wing being dipped into ranch.
All photos by Eric Forbes on March, 9, 2018 at Jim's Wings in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Everyone knows how the saying goes, so it is important to remember to have a night dedicated to the bros every so often. A perfect place for a night away with the guys is Jim’s Wings in Fort Collins. There are countless flat screens displaying the night’s sporting events, scrumptious wings in a variety of flavors, and good deals that make your wallet happy.

Putting Jim’s Wings to the test with me were Teryk Mindoro and Patrick Healy. We enjoyed the “Everyday Special” that consists of 25 wings, fries, and a pitcher of beer or soda for $24.95. Our “Everyday Special” consisted of a combo of barbecue and medium hot wings. They did not last long, but every bite was full of zest and spice.

Pro Tip: The medium wings are not that hot, so if you want spicy hot wings, up is the way to go.

The wait was around an hour, but we were entertained by the Nuggets game and “The Dark Knight Rises.” Despite the wait, Mindoro still thought it was great night out with the bros: “I thought it is was perfect, there was the perfect mix of super heroes and sports.”

Pro Tip: Bring snacks for the wait!

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