Understanding the Muse Musical Grant Program with Bryce Merril

The thriving music scene of Northern Colorado is receiving further support from the Bohemian Foundation by way of the music grant program Muse. Muse’s objective is to help strengthen the community through supporting the growth of music associations and events.

They fund projects like 53:14 (a new music video film festival centered around FoCoMX), Foundation Music School, and Create Places. Muse has a quarter of a million dollars worth of funding, and for them it is all about their grant recipients who help enhance the musical culture of our towns.

Below is an interview with the man in charge of this impactful program, Bryce Merrill.

  1. What separates Muse from other Bohemian Foundation programs (for example the Music Event Fund)?

    Like Music Event Fund, Muse is a responsive grant program, meaning our intention is to respond to the needs of organizations in or working in our community. Muse is also competitive. Ultimately, these grant programs are our way of supporting the existing good work of organizations that are aligned with our mission and goals.

  2. If someone wants to support Muse, what is the best way to do so?

    Take a look at our list of past grantees and support them! They are doing exemplary work, and we’re sure they would love additional support, whether time, treasure or talent.

    One of the past grantees was Sustain, who do incredible work with music that helps support underfunded public lands. Their phenomenal video below is a must-see.

  3. What is Muse’s vision for the future, and what does that mean for Northern Colorado?

    We always want to respond to organizations that are doing powerful and relevant work to support music in Northern Colorado. Our hope is that Muse continues to keep pace with these organizations and inspires more to build community through music.

  4. How do you make sure you are funding applicants that have a relevance in the community?

    We want our applicants to demonstrate that their work is relevant, meaning timely, in tune with larger music industry trends, connected to the needs and buy-in of the local community, and impactful. We support contemporary, popular music, and that’s a world that changes rapidly. We want to make sure organizations working in that area are highly attuned to these changes, as well as the growth of our own local community.

  5. Lastly, what made you want to work for the Bohemian Foundation and the Muse program?

    I’ve spent about a decade working to advance music as a powerful means of building community. When I found Bohemian, I found my people. The Foundation believes in music as a universal human language and a source of joy and inspiration. So do I!

    Muse is only one of the many musical programs that the Bohemian Foundation has to offer as they continue to enrich the music of Northern Colorado.

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