Remembering The Beatles with LET IT BE at the Lincoln Center

Photo of LET IT BE performing.
Photo provided by Scott Christensen. From left to right are Neil Candelora (Paul), JT Curtis (George), Chris McBurney (Ringo), and Michael Gagliano (John).

The music of my childhood was my mom singing away to her favorite band The Beatles. Every cross-country road trip we went through countless albums of The Fab Four. My first ever concert was seeing a Beatles cover band at Red Rocks when I was too young to remember my age. Tonight was a special evening as I joined my mom at the Lincoln Center for “LET IT BE” (a musical of the Beatles’ different phrases and what their last concert would have looked and sounded like).

As I write this article, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” rings through my head. A definite sign of a joyous night. While nobody can reach the heights of the Beatles, “LET IT BE” did a terrific job. Neil Candelora (Paul) had the outstanding voice and the appropriate spunky presence on stage. Michael Gagliano (John) had the look down, and his musical impression was spot on as well. He especially excelled at his calls to the crowd for peace signs.

A photo of "John Lennon" performing.
Photo by Jay-Goldmith. He has the look down!

Chris McBurney (Ringo) was superb on the drums and a hoot with antics on stage. Let’s not forget JT Curtis (George) as he had one of the biggest cheers of the night from Lincoln Center crowd when he nailed Eric Clapton’s guitar solo (sadly Eric could not make the show). And, I know what you are wondering… I indeed am named after Mr. Clapton. My middle name also happens to be Harrison . . . back on topic. The last of the performers on the night was Daniel A. Weiss who did an excellent job playing all the other instruments needed for the complete sound of the Fab Four.

LET IT BE performing.
Photo by Julia Russell. LET IT BE performing the “concert that never was”.

At the end of the show, I was left reminiscing the countless memories I have with Beatles music from going on the Magical Mystery Tour in Liverpool, to singing along with my mom in our basement, to a new memory of “LET IT BE” at the Lincoln Center.

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