A Photography Date in Red Feather with a Pitstop at Pickle Barrel

Jessie Skirball laughing as she looks back at her last picture on her camera.
Photo by Eric Forbes on March 23, 2018 at Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. Jessie Skirball laughing as she looks back at her last picture on her camera.

This date is pretty simple. Grab your cameras, and go somewhere pretty. Joining me on this date was the talented Jessie Skirball. The location for the date was Red Feather Lakes, which is about an hour north from Fort Collins. The cameras we used were a combination of our Cannon DSLRs and iPhones to prove that this is a date for anyone, no matter the quality of camera.

Before we departed for Red Feather we needed to pick up some vital supplies (a.k.a a couple of infamous sandwiches from Pickle Barrel).


With that settled, we started our scenic drive. When we arrived to Red Feather Lakes, the sun was shinning and there was a cool crispness to the air. We ditched the car and headed into the beauty surrounding us.

Everything was quite pleasant out, and then came the snow!

We hurried back to car after the surprise snow storm to warm up and eat our sandwiches as we reflected on the unexpected adventure we had just embarked upon. That is the beauty of a date like this; you are going out into wilderness, and from there anything can happen!

Her Take: “Overall it was a very adventurous, exciting, and fun night . . . Great idea, and it’s just fun because you can just get pictures of the other person you are with . . . I thought it was really fun because you know if it’s an unexpected turn then it’s all the better. I thought it was fun, I enjoyed the random snow storm.”


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