Poudre Pour makes for a great time

PHOTO BY BLAINE HOWERTON. The tasting cup for Poudre Poor 2018 in front of a historic cabin at the City of Fort Collins Carnegie Center for Creativity and Heritage Courtyard.
Blaine Howerton. New SCENE magazine and North Forty News Publisher.

It was a busy day for my wife and I. After getting all of our Saturday chores done and an awesome breakfast at nearby Urban Egg, we headed over to the Poudre Pour. It was a fantastic time. The crowds weren’t too much to handle. That was by design. There were only 500 tickets available to the public and they had to be purchased in advance.

We immediately found ourselves mingling with the crowd amongst historic cabins and buildings at the downtown Fort Collins Library. I have walked by the City of Fort Collins Carnegie Center for Creativity and Heritage Courtyard a hundred times. Never, had I actually had a chance to learn about the history of these buildings and actually walk through them. This was simply amazing and highly recommended. No beer or food inside the historic buildings, of course, but the selection of beers right outside the doors was plentiful.

Appetizers were hand delivered to us. The highlight appetizer was the pretzel stick dipped in jalapeno cheese sauce (many waited for the servers to come out of the door to get a constant supply of those). But, this was a beer event. And there were plenty of awesome local brews to choose from. The Brewater collaboration of breweries had all of their partners (https://brewater.com/) on hand to pass out the latest and the greatest. This isn’t an article about critiquing the latest brews. We’ll leave that to our master at Hop Grenade, Justin Crossley. But I will say, every beer we tasted was amazing. Many were unique, some fruity, others dark and bitter but all unique and refreshing.

Much to my pleasant surprise were a few selections from Purpose. In March, we covered Purpose and it was an honor to taste their amazing brews. I’m no beer expert but I drink beer fairly regularly. And Purpose’s coconut flavored beer was absolutely amazing. Be sure to check out our article on Peter Bouckart if you haven’t had the chance, he’s the founder of Purpose and former New Belgium Brewmaster and creator of Fat Tire. http://scenenoco.com/article/man-turned-america-sour/

The music was great. It wasn’t too loud and it certainly helped with the atmosphere. After talking and sipping with friends for about an hour, it started to get a bit cold. So we headed inside to find even more brews along side the silent art auction. Inside we found another highlight, the recently opened Soul Squared brewery in Wellington. The Head Brewer and President, Jay Shambo, was there pouring his brews. Both of their selections were awesome and I found myself getting several refills of those.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Poudre Pour next year. It’s not a big party, but a fun, relaxed (in a Fort Collins way) time to hang out with the brewers while trying out the latest beers.

Thanks to the Cache La Poudre National River Heritage Area (https://poudreheritage.org/event/poudre-pour/) for a great event. It was paired with education about one of this area’s most precious resources (The Poudre River) along with a great Northern Colorado vibe.

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