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Pictured: Emily Mashak Photo By: Kelly Suda

Rock n’ Roll is not dead thanks to DJ Emz! Otherwise known as Emily Mashak, a student and music enthusiast who has been keeping the heart of classic rock alive with her radio show Through the Decades at KCSU. Although she manages to play all of the classic rock hits from the 60s through 90s, it is her mission to make sure that “no show sounds the same.” Every week she works with a different decade, which includes a genre specific theme stemming from classic rock. For example, you might hear 60s Country one week and 90s Grunge the next. These themed shows also give her the opportunity to add a greater significance behind the classic sound by providing historical facts about the music and its decade between her songs. Her show allows an older audience to enjoy the music of their youth, while also appealing to a younger crowd that prefers the “old sound,” serving as something brand new to them.

DJing at KCSU has been an incredible opportunity for Emily as she started playing the electric guitar during the start of her high school career, leading her to fall in love with bands such as ACDC and Motely Crue. Her dream is coming true as she is using her experience at KCSU to jump-start her career as a professional Radio DJ after college. “It is really awesome that it is my job to listen to good music and I hope to be able to do this for the rest of my life,” says Emily. In the future, she would still like to keep her roots in classic rock while also adding a new-age perspective of music journalism to her show. She is a great example to motivate prospective students to get connected at KCSU. Emily encourages radio and music lovers to get involved, as KCSU is open to training students willing to have fun with self-expression, while gaining real world experience. Tune in to Emily’s show Monday nights from 7:00-9:00pm to keep the classics alive or contact KCSU at http://kcsufm.com/contact/ if interested in becoming member of the team.

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