Panhandler’s Pizza makes a triumphant return

Panhandlers Pizza reopened for business in late March, after a hiatus of nearly six months. Hundreds of pizza fans anxiously awaited their chance for a famous deep-dish slice, with lines stretching out the door. The new owner, former employee Louann DeCoursey, did everything possible to capture the magic and nostalgia of the old Panhandlers located on Elizabeth at Campus West. Now located at 2721 South College, there’s a taste of the original in all the décor, the tables, and especially the food. All the pizza toppings are the same (classic cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian and veggie, to name a few) and the original sign still hangs inside.

My dad, Kris Fahrenbruck, is the ultimate Fort Collins native. He’s been going to Panhandler’s Pizza since they opened and a slice of pizza cost nothing more than pocket change. He was one of the first customers to line up for a taste opening day.

“It tastes almost exactly the same,” he says. “The sauce might be a hint more acidic, but you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t looking for it.”

If you do stop in for a bite, my dad recommends the combo. I’m partial to the Chicago Style Sausage. The new website is still under construction, so for more info on the menu or the history of the store, visit their Facebook page,

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