Blossoms and Butterflies Fundraiser

Blossoms and Butterflies fundraiser raised money for the butterfly pavilion expansion at the Gardens on Spring Creek.

The Gardens on Spring Creek, located on Centre Avenue have began fundraising to expand their facilities this year to include a butterfly pavilion and larger facilities.

Currently the 11 gardens are available to be walked through, ranging from the Children’s Gardens where kids are able to dig around in the soil and learn about gardening, to the Xeric Parkway Strop deisgned by Lauren Springer-Ogden showcasing plants that thrive in inhospitable conditions. All year round the gardens bring in visitors; tours and outdoor activities during the warmer months are offered and educational classes including cooking classes are offered indoors in the colder months.

The Gardens boast 65,000 visitors annually and have been growing ever since they opened but they have much bigger plans in the next year to expand the gardens and the current visitor center. Phase 1 will expand the gardens, five acres will be turned into the Great Lawn, the Undaunted Garden, and the Prairie and Foothills Gardens. Phase 2 will include a conservatory, a large community meeting room, a gift shop, and a small cafe and patio.

Part of this expansion will include a much anticipated butterfly pavilion that will bring the insects many haveseen in Denver’s Butterfly Pavilion to Fort Collins, who have partnered with the Gardens to maintain the butterflies. Over a year ago, plans were made with the Butterfly Pavilion to bring butterflies to a new pavilion in Spring Creek that would be part of the newest expansion.

In order to fund this project, the Gardens started a fundraiser; Blossoms and Butterflies, where local artists were asked to make their best butterfly art to auction off. Over 50 artists entered their art for the auction, the pieces boasted a wide variety, from photography pieces to sculptures made of Odell Brewing bottle caps in the shape of a butterfly.

Pieces were auctioned off online and were displayed at two events, the First Friday Art Walk and their signature event the next day. Over 400 people attended these events and a large amount of art was sold at the very first fundraiser for the pavilion.

The pavilion is set to be opened, along with the rest of the expansion in early 2019 to welcome new and old visitors to a revamped Gardens on Spring Creek.

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