It’s soul, it’s blues, it’s pop, it’s Emma Marie and Branson Camp!

It takes a seasoned artist to transition from Journey to an original blues tune to Norah Jones without missing a beat. In the case of Emma Marie, however, her entire lifetime of singing and performing experience still only adds up to 13 years. Young vocal stuntwoman (and versatile guitarist) Emma Marie was joined by gifted pianist Branson Camp (a whopping two years her senior at 15 years old) for their Fort Collins Museum of Discovery Garage performance.

The duo also covered heavy-hitters like Janelle Monae and Lady Gaga, in addition to a handful of songs written by Emma Marie. All of those, appropriate in every sense of the word for her age and vocal talent, seemed to fit together perfectly among the top-40 radio singles and classic hits. While her songwriting leaned more towards blues than anything else, her voice transitioned seamlessly into any other genre.

While it might be easy to forget when you hear her belt a Michael Buble line, she is still only 13 years old and sweetly looked to her mom for encouragement at a few points during the performance.

Camp, who has been playing piano for an entire decade, also writes his own music and plays alongside ballet companies, pop artists, and classical masters.

The too-cozy venue was limited when it came to visibility but boasted mostly standing room only for the show. The space lent itself to being family friendly, with proud parents sneaking videos from unique vantage points and little siblings taking in the show.

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