Music Videos take over the Lyric Cinema

Cole Scayden, Wire Faces vocalist Shane Zweygardt, and Milo Woodward talk about their collaborative video.

Last weekend, 10 music videos were produced by creative teams of musicians and filmmakers. This project, called the 53:14 Music Video Experiment, gave filmmakers the task of creating videos with a $500 budget and in 53 hours and 14 minutes. As part of FOCOMX, these videos debuted at the Lyric Cinema last night.

The youngest team, spearheaded by Milo Woodward and Cole Scayden, was a group of high school juniors and seniors. They were paired with local post-punk group Wire Faces to create a video in just over two days. The band and the team of videographers worked together to create a vision the first day of the festival and shoot (and edit) the second day. The video, a distinctly youthful story of awakening, married the lighthearted creativity of the videographers and the more pointed message of the band’s music. With accessible themes and memorable colors, the video showcases skills in front and behind the camera.

“This might be my favorite of the videos we’ll show this weekend,” Lyric Cinema manager Dillon Cole says. He mentioned how important it was that the pairings for the weekend were random, so that organic relationships and creativity could blossom.

As far as Woodward and Scayden were concerned, they were just excited to have a video budget for the first time. They said they used the money to pay for new lighting equipment and to pay their extras, which they both mentioned as being important to them. They also mentioned how integral the support of their friends was along their creative journey.

The videos will play again April 29, again at the Lyric, in case you missed it the first time.

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