Oh Wonder Connects with the Fort Collins Community at Washington’s

A photo of a person in the crowds phone reveling the stage in-focus.
Oh Wonder performing at Washington's in Fort Collins, Colo. on May 23, 2018. All photos by Eric Forbes.

In Oh Wonder’s first visit to Fort Collins they took to Washington’s stage for a night of laughs, inner reflection, and alt-pop as they performed their meaningful music brilliantly. The concert was encapsulated when Josephine Vander Gucht gave an insightful comment on the importance of being yourself before jumping back into song

Another highlight of the night was when Vander Gucht and Anthony West shared their experience touring Old Town, during which West purchased a cheap Christmas ordainment for Vander Gucht’s collection (she tries to buy an ordainment at every stop on tour), which he dropped and broke moments after purchasing. This extra effort to get to know the town and acknowledge the Fort Collins community was greatly appreciated by the excited crowd.

All of the hits off of the purposeful album “Ultralife” were played along with their older songs such as “Drive” and “Lose it”. However, Oh Wonder were not the only band to perform as Astronomyy opened up the show with some witty humor and a sexy voice similar to Dan Smith of Bastille.

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