Venue Guide – Downtown Artery

Arguably the most unique venue in the Fort Collins area, Downtown Artery serves as a multipurpose hub for artists and other content creators. It’s not just a concert venue, but a café, a studio space, and an art gallery – to name a few other purposes. Though it can be used as a platform for many different activities, the overall idea of Downtown Artery is to provide a space for creative minds to come together and share art. That’s a concept I can get behind.

A lot of us have creative ideas, but don’t know where to start developing them. Places like Downtown Artery help smoothen that process. Here’s a little more about the venue, and what makes it special.

Venue Perks

Wears many hats. I’ve already touched on this a little, but this is more than a concert venue. Maybe you’re looking for a place to grab lunch in Old Town. Maybe you’re trying to rent out an Airbnb while visiting from out of town. Maybe you’re itching to visit an art gallery. Or maybe, just maybe, you want to sign up for an art class because your skills could use some work. Whatever it is, Downtown Artery has you covered.

The cafe entrance at Downtown Artery.


Attracts prominent talent. So far, I’ve talked about pretty much everything Downtown Artery has to offer besides being a concert venue. Don’t get it wrong, though, live music is a vital part to their success as a business. As a matter of fact, Downtown Artery has drawn in some fairly big names over the years, including The Silversun Pickups, Third Eye Blind, and Anderson East. You won’t always see bands of this stature performing here, but it does happen from time to time.

Great place to gain exposure. When the venue isn’t attracting the heavy hitting bands, it’s often times providing local musicians and artists a platform to get their work out into the world. Downtown Artery is helping people showcase their hard work on a daily basis. You’ll frequently see bands from Northern Colorado performing here, which I find to be very cool.

Very small viewing space. This could probably be viewed as a knock against the venue, but that’s not how I see it. I’m a fan of small venues. This forces everyone to be in close together, which makes for a more intimate experience between band and audience. It’s a wonderful thing when there is nothing separating the stage from the crowd.

Good eats. It’s always nice when the place you’re catching a show at has food and drinks available to you. It’s even nicer when that food and drink is worth the price. You’re not going to break the bank on a beer and a meal like you would at a massive venue. This is a huge plus.

Karaoke Mondays! I don’t think this one needs much explanation. If you’re feeling brave, go ahead and give their karaoke a shot. If you need a little alcohol to loosen you up, they’ve got you covered with $5 gin and tonics.

Upcoming Events

May 24th – The Martin Project CD Release

May 25th – Horse Feathers feat. Whippoorwill

May 26th – Fort Collins Royal tease

June 1st – First Friday 5 Year Anniversary and In House Artist Showcase

June 2nd – Kuina feat. Edison and Tyto Alba


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