I still got all of my friends, Animal Years

Animal Years
Animal Years

“Live your life in animal years, so that you have to give 100% at all times,” that is the motto of the band Animal Years who will headline Washington’s in Fort Collins, CO, on June 2, 2018. The band is indie rock, and the name pays homage to one of their favorite albums, The Animal Years, by Josh Ritter. Their sound is singer/songwriter music with a rock/roll band sound. Members of the band are Mike McFadden: Vocals, Guitar, Anthony Saladino: Bass, Anthony Spinnato: Drums.

They’re currently on their first national headlining tour. Mike McFadden of Animal years says, “with us you get the singer/songwriter feel with the big rock band backing when we want it, and then we can strip down to more of a folky feel when we feel like it.”

As a band, they identify with the song ” Friends ” on their latest release, Far from home.

McFadden explains the connection, “It unites us all with each other and with the rest of our fans for obvious reasons. The song is partially about when things get rough in life or on the road. We can still rely on our friends and family to have our backs no matter what. “And at the end of the day, I still got all of my friends” is one of my favorite lines on the album.”


Animal Years
Animal Years

Mike is the curator of ideas when it comes to songwriting, “I come up with the song ideas and then bring them to the band, and together we arrange them, and everyone adds their unique style to make the Animal Years sound.” But they all put the magic into the arrangement to bring them to life.

On the road, they are listening to a bunch of bands like Joseph, The Aces, Theo Katzman, Maggie Rogers, Nothing But Thieves, Vulfpeck, and so much more.

Anthony Spinnato gets inspired by music production, “..there have been so many amazing records made by genius producers. Right now, I’m loving Blake Mills production. He’s a fantastic guitar player and even a better producer! Also, a big fan of Jack Antonoff.”

Animal Years not only travels the globe playing epic venues in choice locations, but they also seek to make a difference by impacting fans on a personal level. Mike says, “We have had people come up to us after shows and tell us how much a song of ours has got them through a break-up or a hard time. I feel like for an up and coming band, making an impact person by person is what we do well.”

They love craft beer and love sampling the local fare in every city they go to. So in Fort Collins, what is the band looking forward to most? Drinking some local craft beers. They hope to have a chance before or after the show to hit up the local breweries.

Check out more tour dates and music for Animal Years.

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