Fort Collins Alternative Health Clinic Paves the Way to the Future of Healthcare

Let’s face it, our healthcare system is broken and bleeding us dry; draining our patience, our finances, and limiting our treatment options at every turn. As a response, a number of medical doctors have chosen to leave this corrupt system, drop insurance, and instead offer a whole new structure of healthcare; introducing the Membership Healthcare model. These programs typically provide unlimited care, discounted generic medications and discounts on imaging and ancillary services, for a low monthly membership fee. The doctor is readily available to answer questions and will usually spend as long as necessary at each appointment. Free from the corporate thumb, these practitioners are now able to work directly for their patients.

This model is the basis for Achieving Health’s new Whole Body Wellness membership program, launching June 15th. After years of battling with insurance billing, this Fort Collins-based alternative health clinic has chosen to drop insurance and restructure the business with their patient’s physical and financial wellbeing in mind. Over the years they have found that as many people seek alternative and complementary treatment options, they are frequently halted by exorbitant out-of-pocket costs and either attempt only the bare minimum number of treatments or simply find these options out of financial reach.

“Our goal is to provide high quality alternative healthcare at an affordable price, allowing our patients to commit to their health without breaking the bank.” says owner and acupuncturist Lindsay Herrera Kaplan.

Achieving Health offers two Whole Body Wellness membership programs, both stacked with numerous benefits and discounts on acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional therapy, yoga therapy, botanical medicine, and retail items. Additionally, all pre-committed members earn extra year-long savings. Membership Healthcare is the wave of the future and Achieving Health is making it available to the Fort Collins community now. Learn more at or call 970.402.0575.

Join Achieving Health for their Membership Launch Party on June 14th, as they celebrate with live music by The Joe Lessard Trio and food by Mobile Pho Food Truck, 420 S. Howes St., Old Town Fort Collins, 5pm-8pm.