Fun American Music: Bison Bone

Bison Bone plays Magic Rat 6/7/2018

Bison Bone
Bison Bone members, L-R, Wolf van Elfmand and Courtney Whitehead

Bison Bone describes themselves as a working-class Americana Rock band from Denver, CO. Bison Bone is playing Magic Rat on June 7, 2018, premiering a new lineup of musicians and debuting some unreleased tunes. Part of the working-class American is having fun after a long hard day of work.

Bison Bone at the Magic Rat in Fort Collins
Bison Bone at the Magic Rat in Fort Collins


Courtney Whitehead is the lead writer, vocalist, and guitar player. He realizes the heart of Bison Bone is the part where they let loose a little,

“I’m concerned with having a good time, having good tones, and good parts, but if the band gets after it and fudges something here or there, that’s fine with me, you know, because nobody’s going to notice. All they’re going to notice is that we’re having a good time. When I was younger, I had a tough time with people saying.. oh like you guys look like you had a good time out there… I was like, we are serious… and now I appreciate it a lot more. They mean it. I took offense when I was younger for sure, but now it’s like it’s important to me to do that.”


Courtney Whitehead (Vocals, Guitar) of Bison Bone
Courtney Whitehead (Vocals, Guitar) of Bison Bone



Bison Bone is playing shows with a new lineup of musicians and just tracked a new EP that comes out in the fall of 2018. Bison has had members come and go, but that is part of the process as a band. Courtney says, “it is fun while people are a part of the band, but when it is time to move on, there is something new that enters our space.”

Wolf van Elfmand on Telecaster
Wolf van Elfmand on Telecaster


Wolf van Elfmand, the curator of Olde Town Folkways in Fort Collins, solo artist, and music therapist, announced his role in Bison Bone on Telecaster in the new line up. Wolf plays acoustic on solo projects and formerly rocked out electric in Fort Collins band Von Stomper. While switching back over to this rock-n-roll lifestyle, he says, “It’s great. I love it. There’s pedal steel to so it just opens up a lot of space, or I should say it fills a lot of space. So it’s pretty cool to play different patterns and different stuff on the Telle again. The parts write themselves a lot as everyone gets a feel for each other. It’s all fun American music.”


You can catch Bison Bone at festivals this year, and two shows not to miss are 7/27-7/29 Underground Music Showcase  Denver, CO, and 8/2 Levitt Pavilion Denver, CO.



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