Summer Fun at the Fort Collins Food Truck Rally

Eryn Anderson walking around the food truck rally.
All Photos by Eric Forbes on June 12, 2018 in Fort Collins Colo. Eryn Anderson walking around the Fort Collins Food Truck Rally.

An assembly of food trucks arrive and start to prep. A crowd begins to swell the grounds at 6 p.m. and stays till dusk. There is a complex aroma at the park. Mouthwatering scents waft from the diverse food trucks and combine with the sweet perfumes of blossoming flowers drifting in fresh air. The atmosphere is laid back with kids playing, teenagers mingling, and adults relaxing. This is the City Park of Fort Collins every Tuesday night over summer.

The Fort Collins Food Truck Rally is the event, and it is a great midweek kickback for everyone. It can be a fun date, a night out with family and friends, or a relaxing evening in the summer sun. Here are a few pro-tips to insure your Fort Collins Food Truck Rally adventure is a success!

  1. Bring a blanket. This way your legs will not get itchy from the grass.
  2. BRING BUG SPRAY! Learn from my mistake. There is a pond near by that misquotes flourish in.
  3. Pack water bottles. It is summer you will get thirsty.
  4. Do not forget the sunscreen.
  5. Take a frisbee! Enjoy the park with some fun activities!

With these tips learned from Eryn Anderson and I’s date at last weeks rally, we can say venturing down to City Park is a cool and nifty date. We decided to try the Asian taco truck Umami Mobile Eatery. It was satisfying choice! I devoured the rich Umami Tacos and Anderson had the filling Ninja Bowl.

Anderson’s Take: “It was fun, the food was good, and the atmosphere was cool! . . . Overall it was A+ and 10 out 10 would recommend!”

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