FY5: New American Roots

FY5 performing on stage, while being framed by two dancing fans.
All photos by Eric Forbes on July 6, 2018 in Laporte Colo. FY5 performing at Swing Station.

Fort Collins based FY5 is an American music band touring the United States and internationally.  The bluegrass and country influenced band formed nine years ago. They have been playing the Front Range ever since. The energetic and dance-inducing performances have been gracing Avogadro’s Number for years and most recently at the Swing Station in Laporte.

The five member band’s climb to success was gradual at the beginning, but the band’s focused ability to stay together has led to their recent success. A few years ago, FY5 started to tour nationally and into Canada. “The past couple years have been a great few years for us in the sense of talent buyers and festivals all over the country. We have been getting a lot more interest,” said FY5’s Aaron Youngberg.

A major contribution to their breakthrough was when they started attending bluegrass and country national conferences. At times they were a feature band. These conferences gave FY5 the national exposure to talent recruits and important figures in their genres of music.

The growing interest in FY5 in these blossoming years can be seen with their tours to both coasts, especially the East Coast. They have ventured up into Canada, and now are embarking on a East Coast tour with stops in major cities like Washington D.C. and Chicago. “Last year was the first time we toured the East Coast, and we have been there again since then. Now we are going back out there next week,” said FY5’s Mike Finders.

In the end, the key component to FY5’s success has not been these conferences that have allowed for national exposure, it has been their ability to stay together for over nine years. “The best thing our band has ever done is to manage to stay together for nine years,” said Finders.

This joyful and tight-knit band will be coming back to its American roots along the Front Range this fall.

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