Top 5 Places to Get Green Chili


While green chili is a popular food in the west, Northern Colorado is well known for having some of the best green chili recipes around. It’s in everything from breakfast burritos, to tacos, to beer and even cocktails, so whether you’re looking for a green chili beer or a dish to dip your enchilada in, look no further because here is a list of the top 5 places to grab green chili in NoCo.

1.  Sam’s No. 3 (Denver, Aurora, Glendale)


Sam’s No. 3 should be called Sam’s No. 1 because it is notorious for being the best diner in Denver. Say that five times fast! According to Out There Colorado there’s no better place for a classic Denver brunch than at one of this restaurants’ three locations in the Metro area. The green chili is so famous at this Denver hotspot that the recipe has been featured on the Food Network. The Denver Skillet is a must-try dish with ham, onion, bell peppers, cheddar cheese and of course, the infamous pork green chili. But that’s not all Sam’s is good for. Grab a “basic” hand held burrito with an extra side of green chili, hash browns, scrambled eggs, chorizo, chicken, turkey sausage, buffalo, ham or steak. Heck! Make it vegan if you want! Just don’t forget to add a mimosa or a Bloody Mary to go with it. With a large menu, espresso bar, and a fun diner atmosphere, Sam’s No. 3 is a place you’ll want to put on your to-go list. Over 3900 people are served every weekend, so the food speaks for itself! For more info on locations and store hours, please visit

2. Coopersmith’s Pub and Brewing (Old Town FoCo)


In the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, there’s a brewery that reminds us of home with it’s country comfort menu, friendly staff, and antique-styled restaurant. Anyone who has lived in FoCo long enough knows that Coopersmith’s is the oldest brewpub in Fort Collins; quenching the thirst of craft beer connoisseurs and feeding the hunger of “foodies” in Northern Colorado since 1989. But speaking of beer, you can’t go to Coopersmith’s without trying Sigda’s Green Chili ale. This beer may look like a blonde ale at first sight, but don’t be fooled, the peppers are done to perfection with a spice and a kick, but without an overwhelming hot taste. Don’t wait to try this one! They rotate this beer so it’s not always available.

3. Santiago’s (Loveland)


Since 1991, Santiago’s has been a Mexican staple in Colorado. According to the founder, Carmen Morales, customers travel from near and far just to try his green chili, buying it by the gallons to take back to Alaska, California, and out east. It’s been so successful in fact, that since 1991, 28 new restaurants have been opened, including one in Loveland. After roasting jalapenos on the grill, they are peeled and made into the delicious green chili. All the dishes that come smothered in green chili are prepared right before you are served, that way you never have a soggy meal. Santiago’s offers three spices: mild, medium and hot.

4. Alberto’s (Greeley)


Alberto’s has served the “hottest green chili” in Greeley for many years and according to Citysearch, this place is like “heaven on earth”, the “best Mexican restaurant anywhere”, and has the “best, real green chili around”. But don’t take our word for it, stop by Alberto’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or dessert, located on 11th street in Greeley. Try a green chili smothered sopapilla, stuffed with your choice of two items from their “fillings list” or the open-faced green chili burger: natural black angus ground beef served open faced and smothered with Alberto’s famous green chili with fries.

5. Rincon Del Sol (Boulder)


Step into Mexico (without a passport) right in downtown Boulder at Rincon Del Sol. Rincon del Sol serves tantalizing food, from sophisticated seafood dishes to simple tacos and enchiladas. Its menu includes grilled steak, chicken, fish, and a full range of vegetarian options. The delicious molcajetes (meat or vegetarian) are served in authentic stone mortars and the shrimp cocktails are the largest in town. . . and let’s not forget about the star of the show: the green chili! Just tell your waiter how you like it, fuego o no picante (hot or mild). Also, enjoy the happy hour daily at 2-6pm, the margarita menu, and flavorful sangria to go along with the best Mexican food around, and remember, you won’t need an airplane to get there!

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