​Mirror​ ​Fields: Self-Written and Self-Produced

Mirror Fields in their home studio. Photo by Cynthia Wilson
Mirror Fields in their home studio. Photo by Cynthia Wilson


Mirror Fields ​merges​ ​​Americana rock roots and progressive compositions within overall pop structures.​ ​Mirror​ ​Fields self-written and self-produced album release is on September 14 at Surfside 7 with openers Chess at Breakfast. The five-piece formed​ ​in​ ​Fort​ ​Collins​ in 2017. The group consists of Josh Martin on vocals and rhythm guitar, Simon Martin/drums, Liz Gaylor/violin, Michael Crouch/lead guitar, and Seeder Whaley on the bass.

Josh Martin (songwriter and vocalist) talks about the band: “This band is hardworking, and it’s interesting to see where we all fit in and learn. The only thing I can say about it is that I am never prepared but so retrospectively thrilled by what I learn from everyone.”

Josh spent his life growing up with musician parents living and working internationally. He sang in Catholic choirs and lived in Spain with the World’s Fair. Martin had spent a bit of time in Fort Collins, but it wasn’t until the second time around that Josh tap into his musical magic. He needed a reprieve. A place to put all of his stories and emotions. He put an ad on Craigslist, and the person who responded was guitar player Michael Couch.

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For six months, Josh and Michael practiced wrote songs and connected musically until they needed more. They both felt the duo was incomplete. They went back to Craigslist and found drummer Simon. Simon introduced them to bass player Seeder, whom he had met at a musicians playdate at Cohere Bandwidth. Josh met Liz Gaylor, viola, and violin (also of Wasteland Hop) at a Thanksgiving party and invited her to the group. They practiced once together, and the chemistry was so right they started booking gigs.

Josh lived ​in an abandoned​ ​private​ ​library outside​ ​of​ ​city​ ​limits​ that served as a muse for the band in the beginnings. “I lived in a house that had this library that used to be for books for prisoners. The program wasn’t running out of that location anymore. There were a lot of books there. It was a library. We kind of just started using it, and then suddenly we had that first show with the Bevin Luna and Serpenfoot, and it was a killer show. It was packed. I guess I’m just saying like kinetic that kind of energy that space where you put yourself helps with the energy of your band, and you need a home.”

Now they rehearse and record in Michael’s mid-century home, which Michael has converted his den into a modern state of the art recording studio. The band has roots in the space and feel very connected to it.

“Recording our album in Michael’s studio inspires quality through the process. If you don’t get what you want to hear in the beginning at the very root of that process, there’s a kind of breakdown that occurs. So, having our own space is nice. We’re not like perfect. We’re not like running some professional multimillion-dollar studio. Still, we care about it, and we’re step-by-step learning how to get sound more and more how we want it, and I feel like the album will at least be an outstanding representation of that journey.”

Michael talks about how the band works together, “Josh writes the songs, but we all contribute and help work the songs. I’ve never been in a band where everybody’s equally as focused as is this group. Finding this much interest and dedication is extraordinary. Seeder adds, ” we work through problems as a band, and we discuss and set goals. We state how we’re going to accomplish them.. and we’re doing it.”

Michael says, “So we all do have different styles like totally like I come from more of like ambient shoegaze type stuff. Josh is a more indie songwriter.”

Seeder adds Funk, but his first instrument was the cello since age 7. Liz has a classical viola background, not fiddle, but moves with the songs gracefully. Seeder and Liz play off each other’s riffs like a cello and viola but using the bass and violin. Seeder describes it as, “I like playing kind of more direct and to-the-point bass lines, which I get to do in this band and it kind of carries. It’s just its own thing.”

Simon says his sound was born out of his youth church bands, school jazz band, and he says, “It’s rock and roll rock, and that is the vibe that I like. We all have different backgrounds and music and different interests and stuff. But I think that we all know how to play “to” the song. Instead of having to do our own thing, we can make all adjust what we’re doing and add what the song needs.”

The new album represents the band’s evolution and presents a complete portrait of who they are as a performance group. It has ten songs from their extensive portfolio of originally written songs. Pick up a copy at the release on September 14 or order on Bandcamp.

Watch our EXCLUSIVE live interview with Mirror Fields about their new release here.



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