Serpentfoot: Fort Collins Surf Rock Psychedelic Punk Trio

Serpentfoot is a three-piece psychedelic garage rock band from Fort Collins, CO that formed in early 2015. Members of Fort Collins surf rock psychedelic punk trio are Phil Shellabarger (bass), Michael Ross (drums), and Jordan Twiggs (lead guitar and vocals). Serpentfoot play with The Velveteers UK Tour Kickoff/Vinyl Release and Stella Luce at Hodi’s Half Note on October 4 and at Surfside featuring Holy Wave w/ Sugar Candy Mountain October 31 […]

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Patterson Hood Releases the Missing Piece to the Drive-By-Truckers

Patterson Hood displays the essence of a man who has lived for centuries. His stories speak of heartache, pain and real living. Hood is a musician and songwriter in the band Drive-By Truckers as well as being a solo artist. Initially, he is from Muscle Shoals, Ala., and his southern heart bellows through every chime and rhythm he sings. There is no lack of feeling or emotion in his music. […]


See something different and fun, the Siro-A Techno Circus is coming to Cheyenne

Reese Ruiz Cheyenne Civic Center Animal crackers and a disco ball are far from the reality of what attending a Siro-A Techno Circus show is like. The production sounds like it could be a cross between a late-night rave and an infamous Barnum & Bailey production, but when a coworker asks if you want to head over the Front Range to catch the show, you shrug and mentally note where […]