See something different and fun, the Siro-A Techno Circus is coming to Cheyenne


Reese Ruiz
Cheyenne Civic Center

Animal crackers and a disco ball are far from the reality of what attending a Siro-A Techno Circus show is like. The production sounds like it could be a cross between a late-night rave and an infamous Barnum & Bailey production, but when a coworker asks if you want to head over the Front Range to catch the show, you shrug and mentally note where to buy glow sticks… if required.

Sent on my way with the only knowledge that they were America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer winners… I took a seat in the theater and waited. Mere moments later, I was greeted by ZENKO—the show’s mascot, whose name literally translates to ‘mascot’ in English, and proved himself to be an odd cross between a Teletubby and a television. A fitting start for a non-verbal show built on witty movements and lighting projections produced by Japanese masterminds. Then a “technodelic” clown enters.


It’s not a rave. It’s not for drug-induced theater goers. It’s not for those who appreciate clowns in all their gory glory. It’s for families who like technology, people that like energetic beats, and those who understand quirky humor.

Small vignettes are acted out in sequence to keep your attention as various members of the crew walk through boxes, seemingly getting smaller or vanishing with each step, run away from eerie sounds and imaginative obstacles. In a section titled BALL, a digital one is projected onto a screen where one of the circus performers runs from it, or dives under it, or, ultimately, pukes it up.

There’s a section that does require audience participation—so if you’re not keen on getting up on stage, not volunteering is vital. The kids in the screening I saw loved it.

Favorite part of the whole thing? The hilarious transformations and creations of well-known logos, also projected onto a screen. This was definitely a piece added in for the adults who could recognize a Volkswagon or KFC logo.

Bizarre, but priced right, if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, take a gamble on this one. A quick YouTube search will provide you with enough proof that it’s worth seeing before the production returns back to Japan to cook up another award-winning oddity.

Siro-A Techno Circus will perform at the Cheyenne Civic Center on Sunday, October 14. Tickets start at $23. Grab yours today at

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