Serpentfoot: Fort Collins Surf Rock Psychedelic Punk Trio

Serpentfoot is a three-piece psychedelic garage rock band from Fort Collins, CO that formed in early 2015. Members of Fort Collins surf rock psychedelic punk trio are Phil Shellabarger (bass), Michael Ross (drums), and Jordan Twiggs (lead guitar and vocals). Serpentfoot play with The Velveteers UK Tour Kickoff/Vinyl Release and Stella Luce at Hodi’s Half Note on October 4 and at Surfside featuring Holy Wave w/ Sugar Candy Mountain October 31 presented by Drop-Off Productions.

The band formed in early 2015 when Jordan and Michael wanted to revive some of the music that had been scrapped by an earlier music project and brought in Philip.

The band says, “The fact that we are lucky enough to create music with one another is really what does it for us. Through the music, we listen to we get to share the ideas that emanate from our underlying, screwed-up minds. That’s the fun part. Just seeing what spills out when we get together and push forward to the next bit.”

They have been a long time staple in the Fort Collins punk/surf rock scene. They have been foundational in paving the way for the culture to build within the FoCo music community. They have grown big roots here and are taking the band to a new town. They express their love, “Fort Collins has such a quaint vibe that lends itself to a tight-knit community. We’re really grateful for the community that surrounds us and supports us. We are in the process of planning a move to Olympia, WA mid next year so we’ll have to soak that all up while we can!”

What is so captivating about their sound is they ebb and flow within each other’s rhythms and lyrics. Their writing shows a depth and maturity beyond basic thoughts and beats. Serpenfoot explains, “The symbiotic relationship that exists between us lends itself to an easy writing process. Either we screw around at practice and end up flushing out ideas that have been rolling around our noggins or someone has a full concept that we rework and reconstruct to make the songs that end up falling on the ears of the poor souls at our shows.”

They have varying tastes in music. Michael supports garage rock, electronic R&B, and outsider folk. Phil has been listening to a ton of doom, death rock, and post pink. Jordan gets off on trap, hip-hop, and stoner metal mostly.

They are working on a new album to be released in Spring of 2019. They are experimenting with new sounds and dimensions of music production and are slating a 12 to 15 song album. The new sounds they are diving in to take a bit longer than it has in the past but the record is in the works and when it comes out expect something like hasn’t been heard before from the group.

Don’t miss the show at Hodis and as far as the Halloween show at Surfside goes they say, “It’s gonna be fucking rad. Holy Wave is incredible, and we’re super fortunate to be sharing the stage with them. As far as surprises go, we can’t say otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise…”

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