Write Minded, Fort Collins band, Exclusive New Video Release of Movin’

Write Minded, Fort Collins band, exclusive new video release of Movin’ shot and produced by Reid Cipriani with PHOCO. The group has been working hard on new tracks and plan on releasing singles once a month, upcoming all on social media.

The band says, “Reid had some great ideas and was a pleasure to work with. He helped us in our last video for OF THE NIGHT, so he was an easy choice to undertake this live video of Movin’. Really stoked on how he helped form the video and how it turned out! Wilson Slaughter brought the original lick to us on the keys, and we all helped form it into a song via the process of the jam.”

Their process of writing music is to get the original lick and jam it out until they have the feel down and add some other parts until it sounds complete. They are playing the CSU homecoming game on Oct.13th. They say, “We are stoked to be playing the CSU homecoming game. It is a great opportunity to get our music out to new people. That same day we are packing up and heading down to Denver to open for Long Beach Dub Allstars!! We are excited to be opening for a band we have all listened to since we were young and was founded by members of Sublime.”

Their lineup has changed a bit as they added a new drummer who is, as they say, “an absolute badass.” Jordan Pasquin joined and added a new level of creativity to the rhythm section of the band. “He has gone all-in since he joined, and we are stoked to have him play with us. He adds a new flavor to the mix, and writing with him has been great.”

What to expect from this genre-blending, beat making, supergroup? “We have been writing new music as much as possible and coming into our developed style. Our first album was just a taste, and its finally maturing into something we dig. Currently, we are in the studio recording seven songs to be released as singles and eventually an EP afterward. We hope to tour asap next year.”

Write Minded is headlining the Aggie Nov.10th with The Great Salmon Famine, Rastasaraus, and Shovelin’ Stone. They are pumped, “We are excited for this because we are fans of all of these bands and know the crowd will be vibing the whole show! We are also dropping some brand new, never before heard music that we wrote with our new drummer.”

The band is on a creative explosion with new songs, new shows, and new members. “Besides the new content dropping and our continual writing of new stuff, we have just really been feeling the love from everybody lately. We feel the energies shifting to launch us forward to new heights and are just very excited for the future.”

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