Cider and Pie, Oh My!

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! What better way to prepare for a day of indulgence than discovering the chemistry laden secrets behind delicious seasonal treats like cider and pie!

Did you know that apple cider was a Roman and Greek art mastered in 55 BC when the Romans sailed to the British Isles? The Romans found locals drinking a cider-like drink. The Romans spread the apple drink throughout Europe and soon the rest of the world gained a love for apple cider.

Speaking of delicious treats, did you know pumpkin pie is rarely served in other parts of the world, other than Canada and the United States? Why you may ask? Because other countries use pumpkins for different recipes and purposes. For example, in Australia, pumpkin is a main course in a meal. In Belgium, pumpkins are only used for decoration and celebrations. In China, pumpkins are not well liked; they are commonly used for medicine. The English have pumpkins for carvings and fairs, but not for eating. Traditionally, in Germany, pumpkins were used for soup, however, today, pumpkins are used only for decorations.

Join Fort Collins Museum of Discovery for Discovery Distilled: Hard Cider with a Slice of π, a 21+, casual, after-hours night at the museum on Saturday, November 17th from 6:00-9:00 pm. Chat one-on-one with cidery, baking, and chemistry experts while you sip on some delicious beverages, learn something new, and explore all that your museum has to offer.One drink ticket, food & beverage samples, and unforgettable experiences are included with admission. This event is 21+ only with ID required for purchase and participation. Tickets are $20/$15 for members. The Discovery Distilled series is sponsored by our friends at Odell Brewing. Get your tickets today at

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