Why should I support a college radio station?

As we at KCSU move into our fundraising season, this question has been on our minds constantly. When we think of why we value our station, a few things come to mind: the commercial-free music we play 24/7, the give-a-ways for concert and game tickets, the local artists that play live on our airways. While these are undeniably great features,they don’t fully showcase how we are unique. Taking a step back, we realized that our uniqueness comes from our service to the public as a non-commercial radio station, including students, local businesses, and you.

“We interact with our listeners,” says CSU Student Sam Bulkley. Sam has worked at KCSU for four years, and is currently the director of our video department. “We don’t have everything prerecorded, so it gives us a chance to be more personal with our audience. We value what our listeners have to say.”

Not only is KCSU a non-commercial station, but it is also student-run. Nearly everyone employed at Rocky Mountain Student Media is a CSU student, from the Station Manager and department directors to the volunteers.

“KCSU is a really nice place to be,” says Ave Martin, the Production Director at KCSU. “When you’re a student, it’s embedded in our society to be competitive. But at KCSU, you can just come here and create without constraints. Everyone is able to collaborate; it is beautiful when it all comes together.”

Half of our funds at KCSU come from fundraising. That means that everything we create – our podcasts, live sports broadcasts, videos, talk shows, local news coverage, you name it – is only possible through donations from our community. When you donate to KCSU, your money isn’t going to a wealthy executive, or an airwave with 10 hours of commercials per day. It’s going to a college student aspiring to make a podcast about social justice. It’s going to a local band looking to make their debut on our airwaves. It’s going to our journalists eager to hop on the latest breaking news story. It’s going to the 24/7 commercial-free music that you want to hear. When you donate to KCSU, it’s going to our community. It’s going to you. If you love college radio like we do, please support it by making a tax deductible donation at KCSUFM.com.


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