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Storytelling resurgence comes to Northern Colorado venues

By Steven Graham The New SCENE Magazine Bill Lamperes has heard a lot of ideas for his novels. All those pitches made him realize that everyone has a story to tell, so he formed a creative community space for people to share their stories — with musical and artistic accompaniment to boot. Every few weeks, Avogadro’s Number hosts Lamperes and his Tale Spinners Lounge. It is part of a regional […]

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Octavia’s last Ink

Not every business that closes up shop steers toward a burial at sea — especially in a land-locked state like Colorado. But when Julie Sutter, owner of Fort Collins copywriting and marketing company Unconventional Ink, decided to bid her LLC farewell after 8 years in business, she figured a party with a murky ocean theme might be just the thing to send it overboard. Taking a cue from Octavia, the […]

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Hip hop throwback

This past year saw Hip-Hop music dominate the mainstream; finally eclipsing all other musical categories as the most-listened-to genre. To celebrate the artform that took the world by storm all the way back in 1973, the Music District is proud to present Hip-Hop History Month. Beginning November 1, Hip-Hop History Month boasts a lineup of performances and workshops featuring special guests Carnage the Executioner (Twin Cities, MN), Kid Astronaut (Denver), Bahamadia (Philadelphia), Sacramento Knoxx (Detroit), Kind […]