Animanie and the totally Insaney Animaniacs


By Lincoln Center staff

Get up close and personal with the animanie and totally insaney crew of Animaniacs in Concert when they play The Lincoln Center on Feb. 8. With the original voice actors of Yakko, Wakko and Brain accompanied by the CSU Symphony Orchestra, you won’t need a time machine to go back with this beloved cartoon.


“Being able to do that music live is a huge gift,” says Rob Paulsen, a prolific voice actor known for Yakko and many more cartoon characters from the ’80s to now. “We’re not a tribute band. We’re the real deal.” Emmy-winning composer Randy Rogel, who wrote and created many of the memorable Animaniacs songs, also will join Paulsen, Jess Harnell (Wakko) and Maurice LaMarche (Brain) at the live event.


“It’s an iconic show,” says Paulsen. “Twenty-five years later, kids love it because they stream it, adults love it because they watched it growing up, and grandparents love it because they remember watching it with their kids.” Animaniacs in Concert is fun for everyone because the audience gets to experience the voice actors perform, lip-syncing live with their characters on the big screen behind them as the orchestra plays.


Just sit back and relax, you’ll laugh ’til you collapse for the Animaniacs in Concert! Seats from $20 at

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