Meet ‘Experience Rock Band’ Fat Stallion

Fat Stallion. Photo courtesy of Fat Stallion.

Fat Stallion is an “Experience Rock” band out of Laramie, Wyo. Their motto is to create music that satisfies the heart and mind, all while proclaiming “unity over uniformity.” EMMA DAWN, trumpet, vocals and keys; JACK ELLIOTT,  bass and vocals; RILEY Wilkes, guitar and vocals; and LIGHT Goodfellow, beats and vocals. The band released the full-length album, “Diverted Eyes,” this year and has a hip-hop album in the works for next year.

Light Goodfellow elaborates on the band’s credo, “We have been championing the genre ‘Experience Rock.’  As we are all diverse musicians, we have different musical tools to bring to the table. Beyond our range of styles, the point of our music is to connect with our listeners and create an experience for them, whether it’s a live performance or recorded track or music video.”

In 2014, Riley Wilkes moved to Laramie for college with dreams of starting a band and giving his creative inspirations life. He eventually met Jack through some mutual friends, and they began the search for a complete band. They discovered Light rehearsing in the music building at the University of Wyoming. Emma came to rehearsals to hang out and eventually played trumpet and took the keys from Elliott.

Fat Stallion makes nostalgic music with influences from Queen, Blondie, Rush, The Who, Cage the Elephant, Blink-182 and Arctic Monkeys.

“We keep things upbeat with energetic lines from trumpet and funky baselines and anthemic choruses, but we can also tone things down with sweet singing guitar lines and story-driven ballads,” says Emma.

Ever business-savvy, they take the band seriously and focus on running it like any other entrepreneurship. Jack and Emma say “the creative field is still what you do and love, but without a community and a game plan you will never move forward. There is a vibrant community of people in our area.”

Beyond the music, they have done as much work independently as possible.  They value collaboration and partnership with other local bands and members of the community.

“We encourage friendship and understanding,” Light said. “We have been promoting a mutually supportive community composed of creative minds hoping to help people help others grow, that we fondly refer to as the Fat Stallion family.”

The band values relationships and it is their claim to success. The music is the expressive piece that emerges from all the day-to-day living. Riley’s advice to anyone in the industry is, “Meet people! Often, the things you do and the relationships you develop are vastly more important than anything you do for only yourself. If you are serious about being a band, the music should be a given.”

They have lives outside of the band and really emphasize them. The band really wants to unite people with their music. Says Riley, “Something that has been inspiring us lately is the apparent need to remind people to love and care for each other, regardless of differences. Love is the answer.”

See them Friday, January 4, 2019 at 8 PM – 10 PM at Avogadro’s Number.
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