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Iconic Mavis Staples brings soul and world with new music at the Lincoln Center

For more than 60 years, Mavis Staples’ soul-stirring voice has woven itself into the fabric of gospel, soul, blues, folk, pop, R&B, and rock and she’s coming to the Lincoln Center January 20th. Mavis’ legendary raw and rasping voice became the anthem of the civil rights movement, with her songs moving audiences like a tide. She sings to the world as it is, but also to a way forward. Today, […]

The Patti Fiasco photo by Cynthia Wilson

From Small Town Lights to Center Stage

Kicking off the new year, the Patti Fiasco will perform the ‘Love Fest’ at Washington’s with their longtime friends MAMA LENNY AND THE REMEDY on FRIDAY, JANUARY 25. Members of the Patti Fiasco include Ansel Foxley dobro, Alysia Kraft lead vocals and guitar, Dee Tyler lead guitarist, Niles Mischke bass and Peter Knudson, drummer. The band got its start on the small town stages in Wyoming but they have become […]


Music Review: FAT STALLION, Diverted Eyes

By Mike Baron This Fort Collins based quartet trades in driving, upbeat rock that verges on power pop, particularly in album opener “Behind It, All,” sung by Riley Wilkes and Light Goodfellow with the urgency and minor chords of 20/20. Emma Dawn’s trumpet provides a wild hair-up-the-ass quality that makes them instantly identifiable. Emma sings “All I’ve Got,” summoning the ghost of Milwaukee’s great lost power poppers, The Shivvers. “Ask” could have come off […]


Review: Mike Tolle, Acoustic Folk Blues

By Jasco The Recordium studio Acoustic Folk Blues is an apt title for Mike Tolle’s album. It’s a collection of thirteen blues songs in a vocal with acoustic guitar format. It has the vibe of an old-school blues performance captured with modern fidelity. Mike recorded and mixed the record himself. Unlike many home recordists who use their DAW (digital audio workstation) to sample, edit, auto-tune, and quantize their way to […]


KCSU: Live in Studio, Volume 1

By Steve Graham Those scrappy student DJs at CSU are playing in the big leagues with the KBCO crew. Much like the “world-class rock” station’s sought-after live Studio C compilations, KCSU has released the first volume of its live in-studio recordings. And the KCSU version offers the same top-shelf production values as the KBCO discs, with more variety and a bigger sense of discovery. Listen While You Read As someone […]



The Pharos Fund is now accepting applications for the spring 2019 grant round. Pharos Fund is a responsive grantmaking initiative of Bohemian Foundation’s Community Programs. Bohemian Foundation is a private family foundation based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Criteria for the grant: Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) organization or a governmental unit serving a charitable purpose. Private foundations, type III non-functionally-integrated supporting organizations, and programs and projects under fiscal sponsorship are […]

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Flights during the holidays are such a blast – NOT!

Blaine Howerton the New SCENE Magazine In November I was lucky enough to get to travel for 14 days of the month to 5 different cities. During my travels I took 12 flights on 5 different airlines (Delta, Southwest, American, Frontier and SkyWest). The passengers and lines at the airports were generally easy to deal with. Except for a few entitled people who decided their business was much more important than anyone […]


“Eden’s Favorite Apple”

  CD Review “Eden’s Favorite Apple” Amy and the Peace Pipes By Steve Graham The title might reference original sin, and Amy Russell sings “we’re all going to die” in the first chorus, but Amy and the Peace Pipes remain musical beacons of joy and positivity on their new album. Listen while you read — Eden’s Favorite Apple on Soundcloud After all, Amy follows up the above lyric with “I’m […]


Publisher’s Letter: January 2019

Dear The New SCENE Reader, Wishing you and yours the very best as the New Year unfolds! We at NORTH FORTY NEWS and The New SCENE recommit to bringing you the best of solution-driven, hyper-local news often not found elsewhere. Looking back, notwithstanding its challenges, 2018 was a great year! In the past 12 months in both of our publications we’ve brought you articles on over 50 local businesses as […]



Laid-back front porch blues you might hear on a sultry evening in rural Mississippi in 1949. Singer/picker Cary Morin exudes low-key charm working solo and small group, mostly acoustic, with Dexter Payne’s clarinet on “Let Me Hear The Music,” and harmonica elsewhere. Morin makes no bones about his love for Delta blues and it shows. The Grateful Dead’s “Dire Wolf” gets the blue-streaked Morin treatment, the only cover. The denser […]