Coffee Outside FoCo Brews Community

Coffee outside during the second meetup at the Trial Gardens off Remington, photo by Jarad Heintzelman

Getting out of bed in the morning, on a wintery Friday especially, is about as easy as “just watching one episode” on Netflix.

Mitch P., local bike rider and coffee enthusiast, thought—while over a cup of coffee, of course— that there has to be a simpler way to make getting up on Friday mornings easier.  

“People will do something if they have a reason — a direction to get them rolling,” Mitch said.

Enter Coffee Outside FoCo, an Instagram account Mitch started to get people rolling, connected to like-minded strangers, and a mini-adventure on their bike before 8 a.m. strikes.

“I saw other coffee outside groups on Instagram in other cities, like Portland and Bend, Oregon,” he said. “But I couldn’t find anything like it that was active in Fort Collins.”

As they say, if you build it, they will come.

After following his friends and local bike organizations, Mitch made his first post on Nov. 5. It told people to meet at 7 a.m. Friday on the north side of the bridge by the rope swing.

“Four people showed up,” Mitch said. “I knew it had to keep growing from there.”

And grow it did.

The second week, the post instructed followers to meet at the Colorado State Trial Gardens.

Nine people rolled over that morning. All were on different bikes, with different destinations post-coffee, and a wide variety of methods for making their morning brew.

“I knew this type of idea would get the interest of a different kind of audience,” Mitch said. “I needed to find the right people who were willing to get up that early and connect with new friends.”

Now, there’s a few regulars in the group, along with some new coffee drinkers who roll over when the alarm clock sounds.

Mitch posts on Instagram every Wednesday where the meetup will be that Friday. He hopes to vary the location every week, spreading out from Old Town and campus once the weather warms up.

Although he works every other Friday out of town, he wants the group to feel empowered to make the event happen, with or without him.

“I want people to feel empowered and connected to the group to give ideas about where we should meet,” he said. “With the hope that the community grows and coffee in the morning turns into afternoon rides.”

Interested in joining next week? Give Coffee Outside FoCo a follow on Instagram, grab your preferred method of brewing coffee outside, and roll on over.

You never what know what new connection you can make over an early morning brew, and a doughnut — or two.

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Laura Smith is a freelance writer, communications professional and events coordinator. Originally from Nebraska, she moved west for more adventures and more stories. When she isn't writing she can be found running, biking, hiking or at a local brewery.

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