“Eden’s Favorite Apple”


CD Review

“Eden’s Favorite Apple”

Amy and the Peace Pipes

By Steve Graham

The title might reference original sin, and Amy Russell sings “we’re all going to die” in the first chorus, but Amy and the Peace Pipes remain musical beacons of joy and positivity on their new album.

Listen while you read — Eden’s Favorite Apple on Soundcloud

After all, Amy follows up the above lyric with “I’m going to choose to die happy” on the appropriately titled “Chad’s Happy Song,” the bubbly opening track. Chad plays bass in the Fort Collins four-piece that also includes drummer Jeromey Balderrama and guitarist John Russell.

The group has been together since 2014 and Amy’s voice and piano has always been at the forefront. This first full-length release solidifies and refines their unique sound, though. It mixes the jaunty reggae of No Doubt with the quirky piano-based pop sensibilities of Regina Spektor.

John recorded and produced the album over the course of a year in his home studio, Peace Pipe Studios, which also has hosted recording sessions for the Kity Project and Rob Solo.

About halfway through the set, Amy issues her jangly, funny mission statement on “Pop Song.”

“I don’t want to write a pop song / I don’t want to have a number one / I just want to keep on having fun / and living my dream. / I don’t want to be famous / I think it’s overrated / I just want to keep on sharing / my love through these songs,” Amy sings.

She should keep sharing her love and buoyant joy through these songs and her energetic live shows. The band will be at Yum Yum on Feb. 2. Visit amyandthepeacepipes.com for more dates and other information.


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