Music Review: FAT STALLION, Diverted Eyes

By Mike Baron

This Fort Collins based quartet trades in driving, upbeat rock that verges on power pop, particularly in album opener “Behind It, All,” sung by Riley Wilkes and Light Goodfellow with the urgency and minor chords of 20/20. Emma Dawn’s trumpet provides a wild hair-up-the-ass quality that makes them instantly identifiable. Emma sings “All I’ve Got,” summoning the ghost of Milwaukee’s great lost power poppers, The Shivvers. “Ask” could have come off a Fleetwood Mac album. The five minute“In Your Name” grabs your ears with its mammoth prog-rock bottom, reminiscent of the Neal Morse Band. “In Your Name” is stadium-ready anthem rock, with a humongous guitar/drums/bass workout, everybody singing including guitarist Riley Wilkes and bassist Jack Elliott, segues into the proggy “Big Break” which will send you searching for your Yes and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer records.

Highly recommended.

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