KCSU Presents Get Launched: A DIY show at Launch Skatepark

Photo by Colin Shepherd
Photo by Colin Shepherd

Everyone loves a good ol’ DIY show. Fluorescent lights hanging from a garage ceiling, buzzy speakers, and guitar cases covered in stickers are telltale signs that you’re about to rock your socks off.

Except, imagine that insulated garage is replaced by an echoing concrete room. The ripped carpet is now a half-pipe. Everyone is dancing. You can feel the reverberation in your core. The artist’s unmistakable passion fuels the crowd.

It’s a DIY show in an indoor skatepark. More specifically, it’s KCSU Presents Get Launched: A DIY show at Launch Skatepark. Headliners Xavley, a local R&B artist, and Bitter Suns, a local skate-punk band, will ensure that your socks are indeed rocked off. Two opening acts will be voted on by KCSU DJs looking for the freshest faces in the Northern Colorado music scene.

“I’m excited for the venue, and I’m excited for the people who are going to the show!” said Xavier Hadley, of Xavley. Hadley is a Fort Collins solo artist. He has created several projects over the past year, including his latest 9-song release, With Love. He has performed at a few shows but says he is eager for this show in particular.

“Playing at a skatepark sounds interesting,” he said. “I really like performing live because it makes me feel like everything I do alone is worth it.”

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear some awesome tunes at Launch Skatepark on March 8, presented by your college radio station, 90.5 KCSU. If you’d like to buy a ticket to watch or nominate yourself to open, keep your eye on the 90.5 KCSU Facebook page for details this February!


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