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Shitty Dad
Shitty Dad

Blaine Howerton

Being a dad these days is tough. Our world is changing and so are our families. I moved to Fort Collins four years ago with my wife and 2 little boys. I found myself here with few friends, working from home. My wife has the 8-7 office job.

Most days I drop at least one of the kids (often both) off at school, pick them up, fix dinner, run to sports and so on. Our lives are hectic.

I quickly realized when I moved here there are many other dad’s in our neighborhood doing the same. We are often flustered. Stressed. Trying to balance working at home with taking care of the family.

When dads in my neighborhood are done stressing about our morning we share stories about forgetting to pick up your child from school, forgetting their lunch, their shoes, and so on. Some of the stories are hilarious. They need to be shared. That’s why I’m starting this column. We are going to have some fun. Send stories to

Dear Trying Dad,

The most stressful part of my day is getting the kids out the door for school. My children could care less about making it on time, playing on a playground, or eating breakfast for that matter. When we finally get them fed and teeth brushed, they stall even more. Socks? What are those? Shoes? Where did they go? I’m not kidding, it’s a 10 minute process just to put shoes on!

The other morning I went through the typical stressful morning of getting the munchkins to school. My children were poking each other with swords while the dog was making a break out the front door for the neighbors food stock pile in their garage. We were late. Seriously late. But they wouldn’t move.

I wrapped my arms around both of them, picked them up, stuffed them in the car and backed out of the garage like I was driving a formula one race car.. Only to find my neighbor (with his kids in his car) throwing his car into reverse and almost backing into me.

He was late, and stressed. He was trying to get his kids to school just like I was. It turned a very stressful morning into a good laugh for both of us. We would not have cared if we ran into each other. It was just too damn funny. I hope other dad’s realize they aren’t alone. Being a shitty dad is a hard job. It’s not fun. But it’s a job that can be done!

Howie (Fort Collins)

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