Community Through Cycling: One Gear at a Time

Loveland Bike Club

The Loveland Cycling Club (LCC) recently rolled onto the scene, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready to shift into some high gears.


Started in late 2017 by Dean Warren, the LCC officially began in October 2018.

“Dean moved away, but there was six of us that kept riding,” Darcy Speer, Loveland Cycling Club Board president said. “We wanted to keep this group going and growing.”

Loveland Bike Club

At their December meeting, 30 paying members showed up.

The LCC’s mission is to build community through cycling by meeting regularly and providing a range of group rides to all levels of riders.

“There is a huge need for organized rides for cyclists in Loveland,” Speer said, “and the LCC plans to provide a consistent, fun and community-based calendar for our club members.”

Speer mentioned that surrounding Loveland are great cycling communities, including Fort Collins, Greeley and Longmont.

They can’t wait to join that pack.

To kick-off the year, the LCC will hold regular group rides on Saturdays, featuring two defined rides for different levels of riders. Both routes will be no-drop (meaning no one left behind). Starting in April, Tuesday evening rides will roll out from a member’s home or local park and ending with a BBQ and social gathering.

A Monday night beginners ride will start in May for those new to cycling and riding in a group.

“We want to make sure community members know that the Loveland Cycling Club is for all levels of riders,” Speer said. “Everyone is welcome to join our community.”

While the LCC might have just really started gaining momentum, they have big plans for the future.

“We’re hoping to not only offer rides but get more involved with the community,” Speer said. “Working with the city of Loveland for public outreach; having a booth for Bike to Work Day, or starting a Wounded Warrior program for cyclists that have been injured in our community are just a few ideas.”

They also hope to get off their bikes and do some volunteer work with the city of Loveland, Thompson School District and similar organizations.

“Having a great relationship with the non-cycling community is another way we hope to build community,” Speer said.

Plus, a rest day is always a good idea.

New to Loveland, or ready to meet some new riders? Visit the Loveland Cycling Club’s website to learn about pricing, group rides and perks.


And then hop on your bike, meet some rad new friends and have a wheelie great time.  

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